MB Day 19: The Medicine of Love

My notes from Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge…

Day 19 The Medicine of Love

In today’s meditation we’ll explore how love can be used as a powerful medicine to heal our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and even relationships.
“Compassion is the divine expression of love. Even as the uniqueness of individuality is honored and appreciated, a compassionate heart sees through the distinctions, embracing the unity.” ~David Simon

In today’s meditation we will explore how love can be used as a powerful medicine to heal our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and even relationships. We will embark on an inner journey to the depths of our being to reclaim our birthright of love.

As we slip into meditation, our barriers begin to disintegrate gently and effortlessly. We can then more easily embark on an expedition to parts of our being that we are unaware of. Today we will give ourselves permission to navigate our internal world and fully experience the magnificent healing power of love.

Today’s meditation is led by Andrea DeBell, a certified instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. She is currently pursuing certification as an instructor of Perfect Health/Ayurveda, on her way to become a Vedic Master, the pinnacle of accomplishment within Chopra Center University.

“Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and let it go. Take another deep breath in and release it.

Imagine that there is a loving yellow golden light shining on the crown of your head, releasing any worries you may have on your mind.  Allow this loving golden light to move down your body, shining on your neck and shoulders, releasing all the weight of life that you may be carrying on your shoulders.  Soften your shoulders, relax your neck.

Bring this golden light down to your arms, involving them in this loving energy, nurturing your hands that give and receive so much love throughout the day.

Bring your awareness to your to your heart center, the Anahata Chakra, allowing this golden light to shine bright on your heart, noticing as the golden light shines on your heart, your heart opens wide.   Love can flow more easily now.

Continue expanding your heart a little more and then a little more, allowing this love to grow deeper and stronger in you, allowing this love to penetrate every fiber of your being.  Replace any unloving thought you may have, regarding your body, with loving thoughts, giving yourself permission to love every wrinkle on your face, every pound on your body, every cell of your being.

Love each little imperfection that you think you have, loving the parts of you that you try to hide, and loving the parts of you that embarrass you, loving the parts of you that are loving, kind and gentle, loving the parts of you that are sometimes impatient, unkind and judgmental.

Surround all aspects of your being with this immense love that is inside of you.  This love that you cannot hide because it’s your nature.  This love that you cannot deny because it’s who you  are.

Embrace this love and allow this bright golden light that is shining in your heart to dissipate any shadow or darkness that you may think you are carrying.  Allow this vast love to nurture you, to protect you.

Allow this shining love to heal you from the inside out, to heal your whole being as you love yourself in its entirety – exactly as you are.  Wishing for nothing to be different in your beautiful body as you love yourself as never before, with no room for judgement, fear, pain or sorrow in your heart.  Only love.  Bathe in this love, rejoice in the beautiful essence of your being.

Now wiggling your fingers and wiggling your toes, coming back to present moment awareness while remaining with your eyes closed, notice how you are still carrying this beautiful love in your heart.  With each breath, you become aware that this love will always be with you, even after you complete this meditation practice.  From now on you will never be alone because this love is forever your companion.

Take a deep breath in and let it go.  Take another deep breath in and release it.  When it is comfortable, allow your eyes to float open.  Keep in mind that the same powerful love that you can use to heal yourself can be used to heal others.

May you share this love with others on your path.  Give them the gift of your true nature.  ”


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