Day 22 – Getting Unstuck, Creating A Limitless Life

My notes from day 22 are now posted at  Enjoy!


My “I’m Grateful For…” Journal

Years ago Oprah invited me – well, all of us  – to make a list of three things that we are grateful for.  I did it.  I had done it before but not on a consistent basis and almost never when I most needed to do it – when it was the most difficult to do.  Now I rarely miss a day.  When I am quiet for my bedtime meditation, I go over the positive things that happened that day.

It has become a habit.   Some days it takes the same effort as praying and thanking God for my situation – no matter what my circumstances.  Even when I’m angry, even when I’m crying, even when I’m feeling there is nothing to be thankful for.  But I always find something.    It’s an exercise in discipline but it does change my attitude.

And it has changed my life.